I can still remember how I felt while reading the illustrated stories from my favourite comic artists when I was a kid. The illustrations really sucked me into  the books and always kept me wanting to read more. I guess it is that feeling that drives me to create my own stories now!

In 2012 I started publishing my first short comic stories on this website. I’m currently working on my own comic series called “TOBUDASAI”. It follows the nutty adventures of Tobudasai, an idiotic samurai with delusions of grandeur. These stories are filled with silly action, goofy characters and bad jokes. All the ingredients I personally enjoy while reading a story! In 2016 I released the first two comic volumes of TOBUDASAI. The books are available for purchase online at my official webstore. At the moment I’m working hard at drawing the chapters for the third volume of TOBUDASAI.

My favourite tools for illustrating my stories are the ‘old school’ pen & ink on paper. All my art is completely hand-drawn using pencils, brushes, pens, inks, watercolors and all that other good stuff. I am really fond of working traditionally. Next to creating comics, I’m working a full-time job at a digital agency in the Netherlands, so creating my comics practically takes up all of my free time. To sum it all up…I’m someone who is very passionate about drawing illustrated stories!

Creating the storylines, characters, storyboards and drawing the whole comic by myself allows me to create a finished product that is completely my own. That’s something I really love about making this kind of work independently. Being independent also means I fund everything myself and I’ve got no publisher to promote my work, so if you enjoy my comics then please help me out and share it as much as possible!! Let’s spread the word about TOBUDASAI folks!

Laurent Romero