Chapter 1

The Great Tobudasai-sama

Chapter 2

Tobu vs. Rajigo

Chapter 3

The revenge of Fokusu-san

Chapter 4

The revenge of Fokusu-san II

Chapter 5

The Bodyguard

Chapter 6

Emushi The Giant

Chapter 7

Piru’s Combat Outfit

Chapter 8

Enter the Don

Chapter 9

Family Business

Chapter 10

The Challenge

Chapter 11

Samurai Showdown

Chapter 12

The Scar Of The Burikoto

Chapter 13

Master Nefumi

Chapter 14

The Cliffhanger

Chapter 15

The Master Of Poppits

Chapter 16

Tobu versus Zebato

Chapter 17

Tobu versus Zebato II

Chapter 18

The Fox and the Puppet Boy

Chapter 19

The Main Event

Chapter 20

The Poppit Sword

Chapter 21

Striking The Set

Chapter 22