I can still remember how I felt while reading the illustrated stories from my favourite comic artists when I was a kid. The illustrations really sucked me into  the books and always kept me wanting to read more. I guess it is that feeling that drives me to create my own stories now!

Creating the storylines, characters, storyboards and drawing the whole comic by myself allows me to create a finished product that is completely my own. That’s something I really love about making this kind of work independently.


Before anything, you don’t have to be a Patron to support me and my work.
You are already supporting me big time by reading my stories!

So what Patreon could do for me is create more possibilities.
Patreon is an easy way for you to thank me for my work and get something exclusive in return! More income from your support will allow me to create more time to work on my comics. What it comes down to: I will be able to create more content in less time. It would be pretty cool if I can achieve these things with a little help from my friends…and give a little something extra in return.

Patrons of my work will get acces to exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else! I will give you an extended “behind-the-desk” look into my world of creating comics. This includes photos and videos of the creative process, Patron-only contests and more fun stuff! You really will be the first one to see all the new stuff coming out. So if you really want the in-depth, behind-the-scenes experience of TOBUDASAI, this is your chance!