Tobudasai: making of chapter 12

Check out these ‘behind the desk’ photos of next weeks upcoming Tobudasai comic pages!

tobudasai making of

tobudasai making of

tobudasai making of


Tobudasai chapter 12 progress

Tobudasai comic volume 1&2!


RomeroComics proudly presents Tobudasai comics volume 1 and 2!
These two volumes contain all your favorite Tobudasai stories!

Enter Tobudasai! In this volume we get introduced to Tobu’s silly adventures.
From his battle with the gigantic Rajigo monster to the encounter with his on eared rival Fokusu-san.

Tobudasai – volume 1 contains the following four comic chapters:
– The Great Tobudasai-sama
– Tobu vs Rajigo
– The revenge of Fokusu-san
– The revenge of Fokusu-san II

An old farmer is being threatened to leave his farm by the evil Burando family.
Will Tobu be the hero of the day?

Tobudasai – volume 2 contains the following comic chapters:
chapter 5: The bodyguard
chapter 6: Emushi the giant
chapter 7: Piru’s combat outfit
chapter 8: Enter Burando
chapter 9: Family business

Both comics are available now at


Laurent Romero interview with

At Facts convention Spring Edition 2016 I was interviewed by Comics Book Be. Check out the full interview in French at here! romerocomics interview

RomeroComics at Strip Festival Breda

Just returned from Stripfestival Breda very tired, but very satisfied!

The weekend was crazy busy, especially today! I signed TOBUDASAI comic books all day long.
Thanks to everyone who came by my stand this weekend to support me and my work.
I really appreciate it and it makes me very happy to see Tobudasai being supported by so many people!
I’ve sold lots of TOBUDASAI – VOLUME 2 comics and the first print edition of TOBUDASAI VOLUME – 1 even sold out today!! As always it was nice to make new friends and meet old ones at conventions.
A big thanks to the great crew of the convention. The organisation was top notch!
Hope to see you next year!


Tobudasai comic volume 2 is here!

Tobu vol 2 promo

Tobudasai is back for another volume full of silly action, goofy characters and bad jokes in TOBUDASAI – VOLUME 2!!

An old farmer is being threatened to leave his farm by the evil Burando family. Will Tobu be the hero of the day?

TOBUDASAI – VOLUME 2 contains the complete 64-page short story for the first time ever in printed format. Don’t miss this one folks!

TOBUDASAI – VOLUME 2 is available in my store at:
To celebrate this new release, there will be some contests and giveaways in the coming weeks!
So whatever you do…
be sure to keep watching!